Nails by Asami: Starry Night Nails

This design is of easy difficulty, and doesn’t take very long to apply. There are several different ways you can wear this Starry Night look, depending on the supplies you have available and the length of your nails.

This is a cute look for going out in the evenings and it looks especially good on cool skintones. Alternatively, you can substitute black nail polish for blue and still get the starry night look if you prefer something a little darker.

All this design entails is applying your blue nail polish, adhering your stars, and coating everything with a clear topcoat so it’s ideal if you’re just starting out with nail art.

You will need three nail polishes to create this look, (as well as some stars which we will discuss later in this post.) Pictured are the three polishes I used, Adorée’s “Ice Mist” and “Harbour Blue” as well as an OPI topcoat.

I’d like to thank Esther’s Nail Center for generously suppling me with the polishes needed to make this design and I would like to thank Thresa of Esther’s Nail Center in particular for reaching out to me about trying this line and enabling me to create new posts for my readers.

If you choose to wear your Starry Night Nails as tips, begin by placing your French manicure guideline stickers. Nailene’s “Perfect Tips” are my favorite. Gently rub the stickers against your nails to ensure there are no air bubbles that could lead to a smeared edge upon removal.

Wrap the free-edge of the stickers around your fingertips to prevent them from getting caught in your wet polish while you wait for it to dry. Do not remove your guideline stickers until your colored tips are almost completely dry.

Pictured is two coats of Adorée’s “Harbour Blue.” (Adorée nail polishes are formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP free like OPI and Zoya.)

Chose a navy or dark blue for this manicure, as any light blue paired with stars won’t result in a nighttime-themed look.

Swipe on one coat of a glittery clear, or nude-tinted clear polish, something suited to French manicures. I prefer to use a glittery clear for this particular look as I think it adds to the star theme, but if you prefer you can use a traditional French manicure nude instead. Pictured is Adorée’s “Ice Mist,” which contains very small pieces of blue, green and orange glitter.

Using a glittery clear over colored tips is an easy way to turn a regular French manicure into something more interesting.

Coat one finger with your French manicure shade, and while your polish is still wet adhere your stars. Then coat your next finger, and attach your stars. Feel free to leave a few nails without any stars to keep this look from going overboard.

What can you use as stars? Fortunately, star-shaped nail deco items are pretty easy to find. You can use star-shaped gemstones like I have, (available at places like Sally’s Beauty Supply or Daiso,) or you can use star confetti which comes in many colors.

If you have Konad you can stamp on stars using a gold stamping polish. (I recommend China Glaze in “2030” as the ideal gold stamping polish. The Konad gold stamping polish barely shows up while “2030” stamps like liquid metal. If you would prefer to stamp your stars in silver, I recommend China Glaze in “Millennium.”)

If you can’t find star-shaped confetti, gemstones, or don’t have Konad, try nail stickers. Beauty shops, nail supply stores and even regular drug stores like CVS and Rite Aid sell nail stickers and luckily we’re searching for a simple shape.

You need not place stars on every finger, and it’s best if you don’t place them in identical spots in order to add variety. In general, it’s best to keep your stars to one or two per nail, and place them low to overlap the border of your French tip. Placing them there will draw more attention to them than if you were to set them near the top where your polish is clear.

If you have some small round gemstones in a similar color to your stars, you can make some “shooting star” trails here and there like I have. (This works best if your gemstones are a bit smaller than the stars themselves.)

As the final step to this look, seal in your stars with a clear topcoat.

If you prefer you can wear this look with a full blue background rather than as French tips. Pictured is two coats of OPI’s “Dating a Royal.”

Which version of Starry Night nails do you prefer, full blue or as French tips?



My name is Asami, and I’ve been an experienced Nail Technician for over 20 years. All started back in college as a simple hobby, while it has become a lifestyle. I worked in various nail salons while I got many degrees and certifications which helped me gain more and more experience. During my career I learnt from the very best people in the industry.

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